Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog 9 Cutouts

1. Ford Original: 9/17/10; 3:11 pm; Rexburg; f/3.5; 1/1000; Sony A330; Simple edits in camera raw.
2. I made a selection with the rectangular marquee tool of part of what I wanted to delete. I created a new layer and filled the selection with white. I hid that layer and went back to the background layer. I used the quick selection tool to select the part of my image that I wanted to remain that would be whited out by my rectangular marquee selection. I refined the edge and adjusted some of the sliders like contrast, feather and others to make the image edge look how I wanted it. I copied this selection to a new layer and drug the new layer to the top of the layers. I revealed the layer I had hid... and whala. I flattened the image before I saved it. I adjusted the brightness and contrast.
3. I kind of liked this partial selection more because of the black background. I make this selection simply using the quick select tool and filling my selection with black. I also used refine edge on the image. I adjusted the brightness.

1. Purple Flower Original: 9/27/10; 8:50 am; Rexburg; f/5.6; 1/1000; Sony A330. Simple edits in camera raw.
2. I used the quick select to to select this flower. I selected the inverse and deleted it so everything but the flower was white. I refined the edge adjusting sliders to make the edge look how I wanted it. I also cropped the image.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog 9 Night and Light

1. Electrocardiogram: 11/10/10; 7:59 pm; Rexburg; f/4.0; 10.0; Sony A330; Tipod; Timer; Increased Blacks; Cropped. I am a Registered Nurse and thought maybe I should paint something to do with my profession. With my nursing pen light I put the camera in a tripod with the timer and tried drawing the P wave, QRS complex, and T wave of a electrocardiogram for a heart that is in normal sinus rythm. I flipped the picture in photoshop with the move tool because is was backwards. I took the picture in my sons bedroom at night with the door closed... theres a sheet over the window also so it was very dark. 
2. Car Lights: 11/10/10; 10:54 pm; Rexburg; f/4.5; 13.0; Sony A330; Tripod: Timer; Clarity; Saturation; Vibrance; Temperature. After my boys were in bed my wife and I went right outside in our apartment parking lot and took some shots of car lights. I put the camera on a tripod with a timer (to avoid camera shake) and 13 second shutter speed and had my wife drive forward slowly past the camera. I like how you can see the lights bump down when she ran over a pot hole.
3. Christmas Tree: 11/10/10; 6:52 pm; Rexburg; f/6.3; 3.2; Sony A330; Black; Vibrance; Saturation; Clarity. We just finished putting up the Christmas tree and it worked out great for this assignment. With all the lights off except the Christmas tree lights I stood back about 6 feet and pushed the shutter. With the shutter open for 3.2 seconds I zoomed the lens to full zoom and walked forward toward the Christmas tree and got really close to the lights and the shutter closed. I thought this shot turned out great, and I love the colors.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


1. Panoramic Sunset 12x36: 10/6/10; 6:50 pm; Rexburg; f/8; 1/40; Sony A33; Auto Exposure Mode. The photo was cropped out of a panoramic photo of four pictures perspective mode with geometric distortion checked. I first edited the pictures in camera raw adjusting the tempurature; tint; fill ight; brightness; contrast; clarity; vibrance; saturation; lights and darks in the tone curve; hue of reds and oranges in the HLS/Grayscale. I then did the photomerge in photoshop, flattened layers, cropped image. Then I cropped the image 12x36 150 ppi. I think I did a couple more simple edits in photoshop but can't remember. I flattened the image again. I saved a copy of the image as a pdf RGB (because CMYK was dark on out 8x10 trial) and had it printed at the press. The shot was take at the new LDS church in Rexburg, it has a clear view of the sunset from up there.I really liked the colors in this image. There are darker clouds off to the left and a lighter sky to the right.
2. Rexburg Temple 18x24: 10/27/10; 6:10 pm; Rexburg; Sony A330; Auto Exposure mode; f/10.0; 1/80. In camera raw I edited the tempurature; tint; exposure; fill light; blacks; brightness; clarity; vibrance; saturation; highlights, lights, darks, shadows under the tone curve. I cropped the image in photoshop as a 18x24. I saved the image as a pdf RGB and printed it at the press. I chose RGB because CMYK printed dark on my 8x10 trial. The poster image is 150 ppi. I took the picture in the evening and the light was great. I had been planning on using the Temple for this project for quite some time. I like the angle on this photo. and the colors in the sky.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


1. Ducks: 11/1/10; 2:52 pm; Rexburg; f/10.0; 1/125; Sony A330; Simple edits in camera raw.
2. Bridger: 11/1/10; 2:44 pm; Rexburg; f/13.0; 1/125; Sony A330; simple edits in camera raw.
3. Duck Chaser (photolusion blend): I opened the above images in photoshop. I selected Bridger with the quick select tool and saved my selection. I moved the selection onto the ducks. I re-sized the selection while holding shift to keep the image proportionate. I masked out Bridger's lower legs and feet so it looks like he's standing in the water. I moved him where I wanted him. I cropped the image, adjusted curves, brightness and contrast, and then flattened the layers.

1. Grace's Steam (Challenge: photolusion straight): 11/1/10; 6:00 pm; Rexburg; f/25.0; 1/30; Sony A330; crop and simple edits. We went to Fat Cats movie theater parking. There was some smoke (or steam) coming out of a smoke stack on a building in the distance. I had grace lean back on the car and act like she was blowing out. I lined her lips up with the steam and took the shot.


1. Frost: 10/26/10 11:05 pm; Rexburg; f/5.6; 1/80; Sony A330; flash; crop; simple edits in camera raw. I put Emmett in his car seat and went for a late night drive because he was having a hard time going to worked. When I got home I took a picture of the frost that was on our other car. Winter is just around the bend.
2. Rexburg Temple: 10/27/10; 6:10 pm; Rexburg; f/10.0; 1/80; Sony A330; crop; simple edits in camera raw. I drive up to the Ricks building for math class twice a week in the evening and the Temple looks very pretty. On a evening when I didn't have class I went up and got some great shots of the Rexburg Temple. 
3. Clean Rug: 10/28/10; 7:11 pm; Rexburg; f/13.0; 1.3; Sony A330; crop; simple edits in camera raw. I bought a carpet cleaner on wal-mart online. I cleaned the rug and carpet the day before this picture. You'll notice the shutter speed was quite slow, I was able to keep the camera steady enough by resting my hands on the ground and ended up with a pretty clear shot. 
4. Brazilian Flag: 10/30/10; 12:44 pm; Rexburg; f/3.5; 1/4; Sony A330; crop; simple edits in camera raw. I forgot to take a picture on the fourth day so I used two from the fifth day and this is one of them. I picked this up at the very end of my mission in Brazil. This hangs over our bed, I got the shot lying on my back on the bed. (The real Brazilian Flag is different but this one still has some of the same features).
5. Trick or Treat: 10/30/10; 5:27 pm; Rexburg; f/5.6; 1/80; Sony A330; simple edits in camera raw. Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we went to two trunk or treats on Saturday night. This is a picture of my little boy and out neighbors little girl dressed up for Halloween.
6. Halloween Blocks: 10/31/10; 10:46 pm; Rexburg; f/5.0; 1/15; Sony A330; crop; simple edits in camera raw. This is a picture of some Halloween blocks my wife made with modge podge. They have numbers on all sides and are for the count down to Halloween. Double zero's...Halloween is finally here. 
7. Emmett: 11/1/10; 3:24 pm; f/3.5; 1/30; Sony A330; crop; simple edits in camera raw. Emmett was sitting in his bumbo and was giving me some great faces while I was taking pictures of him. The blinds were open on the window so there was some good light and I didn't need the flash. He's growing up so fast.

8. PhotoADayTemplate2: I got this template from Brain Honey and saved it onto my computer.
9. Weekly Photojournal 2 page spread: I used the template from above and added in my own images. I would click on the box that I wanted to add an image into. I would then move the image on top of that box and size/rotate it how I wanted it and hit enter. I would go to the layer that was highlighted and right click and select create clipping mask. Then I would move/size/rotate the image how I wanted it in the clipping mask. I would repeat these steps for each of the images. I flattened the layers and saved the file with a different name. By having the template saved I could go and make another weekly photojournal quickly and easily.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scanography Week 7

1. Cleats
2. High School Soccer Socks
3. Grass: I used glass from a picture frame to protect the scanner bed
4. Diadora: this is a cropped portion of a pair of shorts I scanned.

5. Final Scanner Blend: I moved our large Lexmark Prestige Pro all in one into the bathroom and with the door closed and lights off I scanned images 1,2, and 3 into photoshop. I believe that for most of images the scanner was set at 300 dpi but some may be 600 dpi (I was experimenting and don't recall out of the many scans I did which are 300 and 600). I made some simple adjustments in photo shop. Before I could move the images I needed to have the layers flattened. I used the cleats as the background image. I moved the socks onto the cleats twice, I shrunk them down and turned them sideways and arranged them side by side. I used a normal blend for the socks with opacity at 47%. Next I moved the grass onto the cleats/sock, I made the grass image larger so grass was covering all of the cleats/socks. I used the difference blending mode for the grass at 47% opacity. Next I brought the diadora wording onto the cleats/socks/grass, made it larger and turned it to an angle. I used blending mode luminosity and opacity at 70% for the diadora wording.

6. Fruit: I placed glass from a picture frame on the scanner bed. I cut an orange and used it as the center item. I sliced a banana and placed the slices around the orange. I sliced some strawberries and placed them around the banana slices. I got some baby carrots and placed them between the strawberry slices. I scanned the image in the bathroom with the lights off using the Lexmark Prestige Pro all in one at 300 dpi into photoshop. I did some simple editing in photoshop and cropped the image. yum, yum.